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Bored of Everything You Cook? Try These Recipes

If you work and feel you are bored of everything you always cook, or if you are simply tired of the standard dishes you always prepare and want to try some simple different recipes, then congratulations because you will move higher on the ladder. Innovating dishes does not have to be hard, there are simple ways to innovate a dish with same ingredients and using the same amount of time.

Potato is a very versatile ingredient. Cut in half, fill them with whatever you have in your fridge, veggies, cream, variety of cheese or any leftover you think will match the flavor, come herbs and into the oven. Simply and delicious. If you have rice left overs, add egg garlic, herbs and other left overs, spread on pan and you are done, you can even make balls and fry them.

Chicken is something you must always have. Boil it with veggies and rice, roast it with potatoes and lemon zest, chop it and grill it with cheese and make delicious sandwiches, cook it with some sauce and pasta. You can try a new recipe with chicken almost every day in a simple and fast way. Do not be afraid to experiment with what you already have in your fridge.

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