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Does Caffeine Make You Shorter

There are a lot of different believes about coffee and caffeine, for example, many peoples ask: does caffeine make you shorter? And the answer is no, it does not. Caffeine cannot stunt growth and there is no scientifically background that supports this myth. Two cups of coffee a day is a normal portion for most people.

Many also believed that coffee stunt growth in children, but again, there are no scientific background. Children are not supposed to take caffeine regularly because it may stimulate their nervous system, but nothing will happen to their height.

Another common belief is that drinking coffee may shorter lifespan if drunk by young adults and although there are studies suggesting this, the results were misunderstood. The study revealed that people under the age of 55 drinking more than 5 cups of coffee a day, or equal proportion of other product containing caffeine are likely to die earlier.

When people repeat the study, they usually forget to signal the having 8 ounce cups per day is considered normal, and amount above this measurement are the one that may be detrimental for the health. Some professionals have criticized the statics measurement of this study though, as many subjects died due to other factors as smoking and obesity.

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